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On this page, we post advice to help you capture your own video.  

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"I used outlines like these to create and produce my award winning national and international TV shows." - Daniel

Our guides give you pro advice to your legacy documentary fantastic!

"These guides are filled with knowledge I've picked in my nearly 20-year career.  You'll learn how to properly light, use microphones, frame a camera shot and even how to professionally interview someone." - Daniel
This audio guide will help you get crisp, clear sound. It also breaks down some of the most common mics to use. 
Our lighting guide teaches you the basics of lighting so you can get a great shot. Also there's a industry great tip that will save you hundreds of dollars. 
This shooting guide shows you how to line up shots for your legacy documentary. Great shots are the foundation of your film.  
This interview guide gives you some great questions and content advice.  We will help you capture the spirit of your loved ones with these professional tactics. 
Our complete guide covers all our subjects, audio, lighting, shooting, and interviewing at a discounted rate. 
One-on-one consulting.  I'll answer any and all your questions.  We will go over your legacy documentary and give you the tools to make it the best. 

What Gear Should I get for my Legacy Documentary?

Ready to start on your legacy documentary, but don't know what to get? Let me help you.

Why is "story" so important?

I use caveman logic to explain why capturing your story is so important. 

Don't kick yourself

Living with regret is a terrible thing. But you don't have to with your legacy documentary. This video will give you some ideas on what to do if you miss something during your shoot.

Planning to record your legacy video during Christmas?  Watch This first

A lot of you will be gathering with your families for the holidays, it is a great opportunity to record your legacy documentary.  Watch this video first before you hit the record button.  

Get the full image on your holiday pictures and videos

In this video, I show you how to get everything you want in your pictures and videos.